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Comedy Festival: the other kind of madness | Shaolin Punk

Comedy Festival: the other kind of madness

It’s been a hell of festival already – and it’s only six days old! Last Wednesday the first Late Night Dungeon Crawl of 2012 brought together Adam McKenzie (Shakespeare Fight Club) as One, a player on the stage and a centaur who was playing a horse and refused to break character and use his hands; Brenna Courtney Glazebrook (The Big HOO-HAA!) as Honey Blossom, the nicest fairy in all the land, but whose personality changed dramatically when she got wet, revealing she was really a bad-tempered mermaid; and Jack Druce (Introvert Def Jam) as the orc mob boss “Two-Axes Tony”, who got his name from his career as a mathematician. Captured by the villainous Pirate King Mario, they were marooned on an island filled with deathtraps and told they would only be picked up if they could recover the treasure which had claimed the lives of Mario’s crew. They faced wistful dinosaur men, a disenchanted trap supervisor and an oddly camp demon who forced them to name curses for each other. But of course, our heroes came out on top and managed to get back to civilisation – which, for Two-Axes Tony, consisted of an underground club in which you can smoke cigars while sitting next to animal carcasses suspended from the ceiling.

And if you think that’s amazing, you should come and see what crazy adventures we get up to this week as Late Night Dungeon Crawl continues! At 11 PM this Wednesday, April 4, join us at the Bella Union with guests Geraldine Quinn (TittersSpandex Ballet, Somebody to Love), Jimmy James Eaton (One Small Sketch For Man), Celia Pacquola (Tie Her To The Tracks, Delayed), Toby Halligan (Dr. Toby Halligan is not a Doctor, Political Asylum’s Late Night Riot!) and Jack Druce (Introvert Def Jam). It’ll be a killer dungeon thriller!

And don’t forget you can also catch your Dungeon Masters at their other shows around this festival – and this Easter Sunday, as part of role-playing convention ConQuest 2012, a special edition one-off reprise of their original two-hander Dungeons & Dragons show, +1 Sword!

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