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Back to the Dungeon! | Shaolin Punk

Back to the Dungeon!

After heading off to a galaxy far, far away in May, Ben McKenzie and Richard McKenzie return to their dungeon delving roots for our June 6 Dungeon Crawl show! (Though if you can’t wait that long to see Ben get his geek on, get along to the Revenge of the Nerds slide night on May 30.)

Join a group of mercenaries, heroes, seekers and thieves as they search for fortune, glory and experience in the fantastic depths of the world’s dungeons. Your guest crawlers in June are a band of crowd favourites, bringing an astounding arsenal of improvisational talent:

  • Amanda Buckley – last seen performing whilst pregnant, her then unborn child eaten by horrible rot grubs! (Hey – this is D&D, not a walk in the park.)
  • Xavier Michaelides – last seen summoning H. P. Lovecraft and a bunch of other authors he didn’t recognise to brave the wilds of Dungeon Mook!
  • Sean Fabri – last seen resisting the temptation to turn on his allies as they journeyed to destroy the foul duck-handled umbrella known as Brian!
  • Michelle Nussey – last seen being tormented with the hell of being a 1930s housewife by the mind-tentacles of Cthulhu himself!

Who knows what evils they will face? What quests they will complete? What puns they will spout forth? The answer, of course, is no-one – not even themselves! We’ll see you there.

Dungeon Crawl: Back to the Dungeon is at the Bella Union, Trades Hall, 8:30 PM on Wednesday, June 6. Doors open 7:30. Tickets $15 at the door, or $14 (inc. booking fee) online at bellaunion.com.au.

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