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With Great Dungeon Crawl… | Shaolin Punk

With Great Dungeon Crawl…

…comes great responsibility! Yes, Dungeon Crawl finally gets into an almighty fistfight with the superhero genre when it returns to the Bella Union stage on Wednesday, July 4 for The Spectacular Dungeon Crawl! Why this month? Well, the newest costumed crimefighter flick, The Amazing Spider-Man, opens that day – and to be honest we’ve been looking for a good spot since we saw The Avengers. (Thor is Ben’s favourite, but they’re all pretty amazing.)

Join Earth’s mightiest Dungeon Master, Ben McKenzie, and the Devourer of Worlds, the Hunger that Does Not Cease, the Ultimate Evil that is Richard McKenzie, as they don capes and masks and punch someone through a building!

Our superhero team-up features the meta-human talents of:

  • Lisa-Skye, writer and comedian, is not like other girls – she’s a mistress of the night, using her dark powers for good!
  • Matt Elsbury, by night a stand-up comedian and improviser, but by day…a stand-up comedian and improviser!
  • Brenna Courteney Glazebrook, the superhumanly talented actor, comedian and Dungeon Crawl veteran, feels no need to hide behind a secret identity!

And now, our final guest’s identity can be revealed:

  • Patrick O’Duffy! Writer (The Obituarist) and Batman expert, his powers include being incredibly tall – and being Ben’s Dungeon Master! Will they battle for control of the game?

Together…(say it with me)…they fight crime!

So, audience assemble for The Spectacular Dungeon Crawl at the same Dungeon Crawl time, same Dungeon Crawl channel: 8:30 PM on Wednesday, July 4, at the Bella Union, Trades Hall. Tickets $15 at the door, or $14 (inc. $2 booking fee) if booked online via bellaunion.com.au.

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