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Comedy Festival is here!

Not only here, in fact, but in full swing! Ben’s new solo show, Ben McKenzie is Uncool, is fifty minutes celebrating the things he thinks are cool that most people don’t. You can catch it at the Provincial Hotel at 10 PM each night (except Thursdays and Saturdays) until April 20. Tickets are $18/$15 via comedyfestival.com.au […]

Whedonesque show a hit! Plus MICF, Night Terrace and more

Thanks to all of you who came to our Joss Whedon mashup themed edition of Dungeon Crawl, Demon Slaying Superheroes in Space! A lovely crowd watched (and made some amazing suggestions) as wise, bespectacled and sinister-past-possessing Anchor Jefferson (Nick Caddaye) led vengeance demon Gloria (Karen Pickering), quirky Mary Sue misfit Joss Whedon (Xavier Michelides) and pop culture n00b […]

The Very Last Dungeon Crawl of All

Enter the dungeon. Kill the monsters. Steal their stuff…for the very last time. All good things come to an end – and this is it: the end of Dungeon Crawl’s monthly shows! In this two-part extravaganza, join some of our finest crawlers as they fight, cheat, dance, sing, talk, magic and/or bluff their way through […]