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Personnel | Shaolin Punk


Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie. Photo by Robert Young.

Ben McKenzie

Actor, comedian, improviser and various other things, Ben started Shaolin Punk in 2004 to produce his own work. ‘One of Melbourne’s Kings of Geek Comedy’ (Chortle AU), Ben co-created Channel 31 variety show Planet Nerd, is a co-founder of pervasive games outfit Pop Up Playground and is soon to launch a games podcast. His writer/performer credits include the ultra-geeky Dungeons & Dragons show +1 Sword, comedy science lectures as “the Man in the Lab Coat”, Museum Comedy shows in Melbourne and Sydney, Channel 31 variety show Planet Nerd, hit sketch stage show The Anarchist Guild Social Committee, and dark comedy A Record or an OBE. He occasionally performs stand-up around Melbourne, most often at the political stand-up room Political Asylum. An experienced improviser, Ben is co-devisor of the impro formats Set List, Dungeon Crawl and McGuffin. Ben’s performances have featured in arts festivals, short films and Science Week, he’s popped up on the telly in The Bazura Project and Woodley, and he also works as a presenter and voice-over artist. His favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus.

Visit labcoatman.com.au to find his upcoming gigs and more info about his performance and writing careers.

Richard McKenzie in his Dungeon Crawl uniform: a World of WarCraft T-shirt

Richard McKenzie. Photo by Robert Young.

Richard McKenzie

Richard is co-creator of Shaolin Punk’s hit D&D shows +1 Sword and Dungeon Crawl. A comedian since 2002, and a hardcore nerd since waaaay before that, Richard has performed stand-up, sketch comedy and impro across Australia, both solo and with his brother, fellow comedian Adam McKenzie. He’s hosted a bunch of comedy rooms and regular trivia nights, and was a member of live sketch troupe The Anarchist Guild Social Committee. He’s won awards including Best Comedy at the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival for Super Happy Robot Hour and a Moosehead Award in 2006 for Digger. His previous nerd shows include Zombies 101, or, Why Grandma Had to Die, Mint Condition and Robot vs. World. He has another one in the works which may or may not involve graboids, he won’t say.

Friends of Shaolin Punk

These people are frequent collaborators and or creative inspiration for the shows we present here at Shaolin Punk.

Sean Fabri – improviser extraordinary, Sean was co-creator of McGuffin and also writer and producer of the acclaimed live superhero radio play Bullet.

Robert Young – photographer and all-round nice guy. All the great photos you see here of live Dungeon Crawl shows are taken by Rob, and in addition he also does the publicity photography for Museum Comedy.

Gail Elliott – production assistant for many of Shaolin Punk’s projects, mostly the sciencey ones. She describes herself as a nerd and a geek, both in her professional and private lives. Gail writes a blog about her experiences playing World of WarCraft, the “Non Elitist Raiding Diary” (note the acronym), and shares what she’s learned about leadership playing the game at MMO Leader.

Scott Gooding – actor, director and teacher. Scott’s company is Vicious Fish Theatre.

Karin Muiznieks – “way funnier than Brahms.” Composer, musician, and star of Melbourne cabaret. Co-creator of Set List.

Dan Walmsley – “putting the nerd in comnerdedy.” Uber-geek and creator of Planet Nerd, and co-creator of Set List.