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Productions | Shaolin Punk


Shaolin Punk produces theatre, improvised performances and comedy, mostly at Australian arts festivals. See the menu above for more details about these shows.


  • +1 Sword – in 1974, two idiots invented Dungeons & Dragons, the world’s first role-playing game. 35 years later two different idiots introduce you to its mystery, excitement and stupidity. A truly nerdy comedy show.


  • Dungeon Crawl – an improvised fantasy comedy adventure in the classic “kill the monsters and take their stuff” mould, with guest comedians, improvisers and actors forming their own dysfunctional adventuring party. Now monthly at the Bella Union!
  • McGuffinan improvised television programme in which you decide the fate, identity, genre and truth of a man who wakes up handcuffed to a briefcase he knows he must not open.
  • Set List – an improvised music gig. No story, just a little banter and a whole bunch of songs created from your suggestions.


  • A Record or an OBE – The Goodies were a massive success story of British comedy, remaining together on-air for ten years. But what if, in 1975, Bill Oddie had left to pursue his first love – music? A half-hour alternate history play about creative tension, the break-up of a trio, and the comedic process.

Museum Comedy

The only way to see your favourite cultural institution! For more information on the below shows, see the Museum Comedy web site.

  • The Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour – a new way to appreciate the exhibits of Melbourne Museum! Roam the spooky corridors after dark, and be tricked into learning as the comedians pepper their jokes with info-facts!
  • Melbourne Museum Lunchtime Comedy – a show to see just after elevenses, it features guest comedians talking about science, nature and history topics close to their hearts. A series of brief comedy lectures, if you will.

The Man in the Lab Coat

Ben McKenzie’s scientician alter-ego, the Man in the Lab Coat communications the wonder of science with excitement and humour. For more information on the shows below, see the Man in the Lab Coat web site.

  • Dinosaur-ology – a new kid’s show that explores the surprisingly difficult question “what is a dinosaur?” Find out why a crocodile isn’t a dinosaur – but a magpie is!
  • A Brief History of A Brief History of Time – the most successful science book of all time is famously the one no-one’s ever finished reading. This one-hour show will prime you to understand its mysteries.
  • Science-ology – science has been used and abused by everyone from CSI to Sam Neill. But no more! This show puts the rock back into rocket science.
  • Evolutionary: the Man in the Lab Coat Evolved – the tale of life’s evolution from simple beginnings to staggering variety is one of drama, suspense and an awful lot of sex. But it is also a tale often half-told, and widely misunderstood. Until now!
  • Listen to the Man in the Lab Coat – the very first Man in the Lab Coat show, it explores both the origins of science and of Ben McKenzie, the Man himself, and how the two are forever intertwined.