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Dungeon Crawl | Shaolin Punk

Dungeon Crawl

Ben McKenzie, dressed in shirt, green wasitcoat and green hooded cloak, holds up a twenty-sided die for the audience. Photo by Rob Young.

Dungeon Master Ben McKenzie introduces the audience to the twenty-sided die. Photo by Robert Young.

Enter the dungeon. Kill the monsters. Take their stuff.

That’s the dungeon crawl.

Sounds easy – unless the fighter is more of a lover, the senile wizard can’t remember where he put his pants let alone his spellbook and the thief has decided it’s far easier to steal from a bunch of stupid adventurers than a dragon…

Ben McKenzie and Richard McKenzie invite you to join them for an hour as they take four unsuspecting souls on a Dungeon Crawl of their own.

The hottest improvisers, comedians and other special guests will fight, sneak and possibly dance their way through a fantasy adventure in which nothing is certain but danger, magic and cheap props. Dungeon Master Ben wields supreme power in presenting a world of imagination to our heroes, while Richard – with the help of the finest toys two dollars can buy – becomes the cast of villagers, guards, goblins and dragons they encounter. Dungeon Crawl is half role-playing game, half fantasy sit-com – but all about killing monsters and taking their stuff!

Dungeon Crawl is Ben and Richard’s second Dungeons & Dragons themed show, following the “underground critical hit” +1 Sword (‘hilariously geeky…I laughed so much my jaw hurt’ – Buzzcuts).

Richard McKenze, Scott Edgar, Geraldine Quinn, Nick Caddaye and Andy McClelland in Dungeon Crawl. Photo by Rob Young.

Mighty (?) kobold Richard McKenzie confronts a band of would-be heroes. Photo by Robert Young.

When and Where

Dungeon Crawl is finishing up as a monthly show in 2014, with a final season of six shows at the Bella Union. Check out the calendar for more information!

Melbourne Shows

Where: The Bella Union, upstairs at Trades Hall, corner of Lygon and Victoria streets, Melbourne
7 PM, second Tuesday of the month in February, March, May and June 2014 (June 10 show is special two-part finale, with interval)
Late night shows: 10:45 PM, Thursday April 3 and 17 during Comedy Festival
Tickets: $15 (inc. booking fee) online via the Bella Union web site or at the door. Discount $12 tickets available when pre-booking three or more shows at once.


The incredibly talented Tank Molchanova (aka Architank) created the amazing Dungeon Crawl/Adventure Time mashup below – and now you can own it on a T-shirt, hoodie or sticker through RedBubble! Check it out here. (All profits to the wonderful artist.)

Dungeon Crawl Time


‘the audience failed their will save versus hilarity, taking maximum comedy damage … a dice-rollicking good time’ – Heckler

‘comedy impro at its finest’ – Dan, My town, Melbourne blog

‘unpredictable, hilarious and ever-so-slightly nerdtacular … It’s hard to compare Dungeon Crawl  to anything else’ – Elizabeth Flux, Subterranean Death Cult blog

‘Bizarre, random, frequently hilarious … a great night of comedy‘ – Matt Smith, Laugh Track blog at Crikey

‘very charming and frequently hilarious – 9/10’ – Liam Pieper, RHUM

Previous Seasons

For more information on our past shows, check out The Campaign Chronicle.

After two hit seasons in 2010 for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe, plus a smash one-off show in Sydney, Dungeon Crawl has found a monthly home at the Bella Union bar at Melbourne’s Trades Hall. Beginning in February 2011 you can find us there on the first Wednesday of every month – plus we’ll be putting on some extra late-night shows during the Comedy Festival. Tickets are available now, and ever so slightly cheaper if you buy in advance, so crack out your platinum pieces and book now!