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Dungeon Crawl Episode I-III: Attack of the Phantom Sith Revenge

For three years, we took Dungeon Crawl to a galaxy far, far away…and maintained that there were only three Star Wars movies. But after shows set during Episodes IV, V and VI of that saga, there’s nowhere left for us to go – except the prequel trilogy. So here we are. Join some of your […]

Late Night Dungeon Flashback!

Last night our heroes were a mighty and successful band of adventurers at the end of their long careers: Jack Druce (Introvert Def Jam) as dwarven Paladin Gold Pockets Petersen, show-biz agent to the dungeoneering stars with an itchty dagger finger set off by mime; Toby Halligan (Dr. Toby Halligan is not a Doctor, Political […]

The first Dungeon Crawl of the year…

For our first time back in 2012, we were joined by three great guest players, all of whom previous players: Nadia Collins played Gnome Chomsky, a well read intellectual anarchist gnome with +5 intelligence, -5 charisma and the ability to create illusions with his mind. Sean Fabri created Quadlo, a fastidious, obese Eunuch and monk. […]