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The Dungeon Crawl Christmas Spectacular

It’s time to strap on the broadsword, warm up the magic wand and pray to your god(s) of choice, as Dungeon Crawl saddles up for improvised adventure one last time in 2013! Yes, it’s the end of the year, we’re marking the last show of the year with some kind of extravaganza! Will there be […]

Has it been a month already?

Amazingly it’s already time for another Dungeon Crawl – and your faithful chronicler hasn’t even had time to write up the superhero exploits of the last one! (Probably he was too busy playing games.) We know this month the world is obsessed with the Olympics and the struggle for gold, but we’re instead focussing on another […]

Fortune and glory, kid.

June’s Dungeon Crawl saw us head “back to the dungeon” in an homage to the old school feel of D&D Next, the new version of the game recently released for public playtest. What does that mean, you ask? Less heroic, more…opportunistic. Adventurers searching for treasure, not fighting evil. Deathtraps and fiendish monsters around every corner. And […]