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The Dungeon Crawl Christmas Spectacular

It’s time to strap on the broadsword, warm up the magic wand and pray to your god(s) of choice, as Dungeon Crawl saddles up for improvised adventure one last time in 2013! Yes, it’s the end of the year, we’re marking the last show of the year with some kind of extravaganza! Will there be […]

Punking the Fringe one more time

The 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival is just about upon us, and with it, the first play produced by Shaolin Punk since 2008’s A Record or an OBE. Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision is the latest work from Outland co-creator and writer John Richards and The Bazura Project’s Lee Zachariah. Both known best for television comedy, […]

An Expected Recap!

Our first players and crowd for 2013 blew us away with one of the best Dungeon Crawl adventures ever! Where do we begin? Gathered in a tavern were our four heroes: Elmareliel the elf (Sean Fabri), whose arrow fired invisible arrows composed of pure hope, whose mysterious allergy to moonlight didn’t stop him from lording […]