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Punking the Fringe one more time

The 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival is just about upon us, and with it, the first play produced by Shaolin Punk since 2008′s A Record or an OBE. Songs For Europe: Two Short Plays About Eurovision is the latest work from Outland co-creator and writer John Richards and The Bazura Project’s Lee Zachariah. Both known best for television comedy, […]

An Expected Recap!

Our first players and crowd for 2013 blew us away with one of the best Dungeon Crawl adventures ever! Where do we begin? Gathered in a tavern were our four heroes: Elmareliel the elf (Sean Fabri), whose arrow fired invisible arrows composed of pure hope, whose mysterious allergy to moonlight didn’t stop him from lording […]

It’s Dungeon Crawl Time!

Adventure can find its way anywhere – even into a realm full of cosy happy folk, who like nothing more than entertainment, food and company. Yes, Dungeon Crawl is coming back to Melbourne this Wednesday, with Dungeon Crawl: An Expected Return. For our first adventure of the year, interfering wizard Ben McKenzie and the biggest […]